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Receiving live-in care means that you will have someone else living in your house, much like a housemate or lodger. In addition to being practical and comfortable, this elderly care can be exceptionally cost-effective. A 24/7 live-in carer could meet your loved one’s daily need , providing the highest quality of life possible in their later years.

Many people choose live-in care so that they can retain their independence and live exactly how they wish in the comfort of their own home. All care is a compromise between people wanting to get on with things, and getting the support they need. Ultimately, live-in care is an option that minimises the change involved when this compromise becomes inevitable. It allows your loved one to hold on to their routines, and you to be reassured they’re being looked after.

Whether it’s for you or a loved one, our Live-in Care is of superior quality. Our care staff can offer support and companionship throughout the day, and even during the night should you need 24-hour Live-in Care. Everything from doing the housekeeping and shopping to helping with personal care, medication administration and clinical expertise. They will be there to chat with and can help you get on with life reassured that there’s always someone on-hand to help.

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